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Remote Control for Home Appliance

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To download project, click here.
This project will control the home appliance remotely and prevent the human from getting shocked.



  1. Ashish Panchasara says:

    Sir..I have one problem In this circuit”Remote Control for Home Appliance”..The bulb will directly on when I give ac supply…so can you please suggest me what can I do ?.. Thank you. 🙂

  2. lavanya says:

    hai sir RCHA PROJECT can work with also 9volts battery also are not?

  3. mansoor says:

    Ppls add bred board connection video that will more helpful for me

  4. mohammed sharfuddin says:

    thank you mr sohail ansaari ..this was my final year project for diploma in EEE , By ur project & explanation it was so easy to make it .and it works best ..SHUKRIYA . 🙂

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