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My Interview Experience in Wipro Technologies (2014)

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1024px-Wipro_Logo.svgMy interview experience was exactly opposite to what I thought before. I thought that because of my good cgpa they will definitely ask technical question but they haven’t ask any technical question from my domain as well as programming. So they will always surprise you. This was my interview experience which I faced on campus placement taken by WIPRO technologies at ITM University Gwalior.

There were four rounds:
1. Group Discussion
2. Written: In written aptitude logical and verbal were asked. To crack this R.S. Agarwal is Sufficient
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview

900 students has appeared out of which 70 students were in the topper list(means they directly go for Interview round), 200 students were rejected in Group discussion. Remaining 700 has appeared for written test out of which 88 students were cleared the test (mass elimination in written only).
I was shortlisted for the technical interview. I knock the door and said…

Me : May I come in sir?
Interviewer : Yes plz come in
Me : May I sit sir?
Interviewer : Yes plz be sit.So your name is sohail M. Ansari?
Me : Yes sir
Interviewer : What does this “M” means?
Me : Sir this is the name of my father “mohiuddin”
Interviewer : And wht is the meaning of sohail?
Me : Twinkling stars in the sky.
Interviewer : That’s really a gud name
Me : Thanku sir.
Interviewer : So sohail whre are u from?
Me : Sir I m from muzaffarpur bihar
Interviewer : What is famous in muzaffarpur?
Me : Sir lichi is very famous.
Interviewer : So have u celebrated bakraid?
Me : No sir
Interviewer : Why?
Me : Sir I was preparing for the job that’s y I haven’t celebrated bakraid.
Interviewer : Hmmm but u should?
Me : Sir I will celebrate after getting job.
Interviewer : So tell me how u came in ITM University?
Me : I came in ITM university by giving AIEEE in 2011 . on that time I got 41000 rank . after getting admission here I came to know that I was getting NIT suratkal. So I feel very sad in 1st year
Interviewer : So how r u feeling ryt now?
Me : Feeling well
Interviewer : That’s nice …. Your college academics is really good.. increasing per semester
Me : Thank you sir
Interviewer : But in 12th u got only 67.2 why??
Me : Sir on that time I was in kota and preparing for the IIT and AIEEE so I was focusing more in solving numerical rather than theoretical. Because of this I was unable to score well in 12th .
Interviewer : Tell me about your family?
Me : Sir we are four in my family. My father is an electrician in Saudi Arabia. My mother is a home maker and I have one sister. She is doing job in british council Saudi Arabia.
Interviewer : That’s really nice. Your sister in elder than u ?
Me : no sir she is younger than me but doing job with a very good package.
Interviewer : That’s nice… so after how many years u met with your parents
Me : About 2 to 3 years.
Interviewer : So how did u manage these all things?
Me : Sir since my childhood I m living in the hostel and in vacation I was living with my grand parents. So at very less age I become an independent person. I take decision in my own way. Infact I haven’t told to my parents about my job interview.
Interviewer : Why?
Me : I will tell them after getting in to it.
Interviewer : Hmm very hard time in your journey.
Me : no sir not at all, my parents left me here for getting gud education. I mean india has a very gud education system so they left me.
Interviewer : So u r the topper in your branch?
Me : Yes sir.
Interviewer : Nice..
Interviewer : why did u choose electrical engineering?
Me : In first year I was in cs and I have studied basic electrical engineering subject which I feel very interesting one.Also india has more power demand than what is being generated right now. So I choose ee after completing 1st year.
Interviewer : Then why u want to join an IT company?
Me : Sir although wipro is an IT company but it handles electrical project too. Right now it has collaborated with Saudi electricity company and it is switching towards the oil and energy resource which I have seen in wipro website. So your company will provide me a better platform to enhance my theoretical skill in to practical.
Interviewer : Very nice.. m impressed..
Me : Thank u sir
Interviewer : So do u know about programming?
Me : Yes sir in first year I learn basic programming in c and oops concept. In c I know program using array loop structure pointer.
Interviewer : What if u will get project based on programming?
Me : Sir lefting the cs branch doesn’t means that I m not interested in programming. Infact my final year project is also based on programming only. Its PLC based project in which we have to do program on ladder logic window. It’s an automation based project.
Interviewer : Hmm very nice sohail …. I m done with you. U put pune Bangalore gurgaon in your location preference… Why?
Me : Sir u have given only three choices to fill that’s y I fill it but I can switch to any state in india except jammu & Kashmir. (I smiled)
Interviewer : Don’t worry about that there is no any centre in jammu & Kashmir (He also smiled).
Interviewer : There is a 15 months agreement with our company so will u sign ?
Me : No prblm sir I will sign for 24 months (He smiled)… after 24 months may be my priority will change.
Interviewer : So do u want to ask any question ?
Me : Yes sir I want to ask 2 question
Interviewer : Yes go ahead
Me : Sir my first question is that what u see in fresher while recruiting ?And my second question is that as an electrical engineer which type of project I will get in your company?
Interviewer : he gave me answer.
Interviewer : All the best sohail. May be we will meet next time..
Me : Thanku sir.. may I leave now?
Interviewer : Yes sure..

Out of 158 student approx 100 student were selected and i was one of them.

Interview Tips:  Be confident in interview . They only check your communication skill, learning ability and how much you are confident. For programming let us c is sufficient. Don’t preassume anything. They judge the student and ask those things which you are not expecting like i was expecting some technical questions but they haven’t ask.They can ask anything from you.Always try to move the interviewer towards your strength and skill so that you can answer the question efficiently. Show them that you are very much interested in the company. Good luck.
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  1. Manju Bisht says:

    I am glad that you have shared your experience on FB. We all are happy for your success and I really wish that you get succeeded at every step of your life 🙂
    Best Wishes

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