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My Interview Experience in Infosys (2014)

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infosys-logo-baseline-PNGGuys, this was my second interview just after the Wipro. Although selection procedure was less (only 2 rounds) but little bit tougher than wipro.

Written test was taken online .There were two rounds: 1. Written     2. HR Round
1. Written Test: Written test were conducted in three sections.
(a)The first section includes 15 questions from Arithmetic Reasoning and                           Analytical Thinking which was very easy and the time given for this                                     was 25 minutes.
(b)The second sections include 10 questions from aptitude which u have                           to solve in 30 minutes. The aptitude question was from Probability,                                       Permutation and combination, Time and speed, percentage.
(c)The last section includes verbal which the toughest among the three                           sections. There was 40 questions and has given only 35 minutes.                                         There was 2 long comprehension, 5 questions from syllogism ,                                             sentence correction, data sufficiency. Most of the students gets                                           eliminated because of this section only.
There was a sectional cutoff (9 question from 1st section, 6 question from aptitude and 22 question from verbal).Total 900 students were enrolled for the written test out of which only 204 students were selected for HR Round.

2. HR Round : I was shortlisted for the HR round.Next day i went for the interview at 7 AM morning and they called me 6 PM in the evening. I knock the door and said…

Me: May i come in sir?
Interviewer: yes plz come
Me: May i sit sir?
Interviewer: yes plz be sit
Interviewer: What is you name?
Me: Sohail Ansari
Interviewer: So sohail will u plz tell me something about yourself?
Me: told
Interviewer: Plz tell me about your project?
Me: told
Interviewer: Do u know c++?
Me: yes sir, i know some basic features of c++.
Interviewer: plz explain
Me: i explained all the features.
Interviewer: have u done programming in C?
Me: yes sir
Interviewer: write a bubble sort program?
Me: i was writing the program and he was going through my resume step by step. after 2 minutes he told me to tell the logic. i told him.
Interviewer: How many iteration this program will take?
Me: i told him the answer which was wrong.
Interviewer: ok i m done.. u may go now.
Me: thank u sir.

This was my shortest interview (only for 5 minutes). I thought may be i will not select because he has not given time to explain all the things. Also i had given one wrong answer.
next day the result out. out of 204 students, approx 150 were selected and i was one of them.
Interview Tips: If u want to get placed in infosys then prepare well for written test. The written test was little bit tougher than any other campus drive. once u crack the written test then chances of getting placement will be around 80%. Focus more on English because in interview they only check your communication skill and ability to learn new things. Second most important thing they see is your resume. Make resume perfectly (they see project section & achievement section in your resume.) Good Luck.
To see my Wipro Interview, Please Click here.

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