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PSU/M.Tech/Job- Which one to choose?

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Guys as u know GATE 2016 results are out and most of u have a confusion what to choose whether go for mtech or job or psu. See it depends on various factor which i am going to explain you. I will talk here by taking General category as a referance.

  1. (Dont want to do Mtech,only for PSU, Fresher)
    If u are Fresher and u have campus placement and your aim to crack GATE exam and u wont able crack this year, then here one factor came in to existance:your financial status..if your financial background is gud and u dont have family pressure then drop one more year and  join full time coaching institute for this. U wont able to crack without coaching (exception is everywhere but u know u r not an exception thats why u wont able to crack ryt). Coaching institute really increase the competition among students in any competitive exam. The students who join coaching they are fully dedicated for the gate and u have to compete with those students so coaching is must. If u will ask me which coaching to join only for GATE then i will recommend you twol coaching. One is ACE Hyderabad (hyderabad centre only)and second is KREATRYX.  I will not recommend made easy if you are preparing only for GATE because they will teach u all the topic which is relevant to GATE, IES, JE, SSE etc. therefore u will have 3 copy of power system 3 copy of machine like this…means u have to study more in one year (less time). so if your aim is only GATE then go for these two institute. If ur aim is GATE+IES+STATE GOVT Exam then go for Made easy. One more thing I m not get paid to any coaching, its my personal opinion.
    Now second point,If your financial status is not good and u have campus placement then go for the job and prepare from there. Any how u have to manage the time because u are lagging financially.
    But What happen if u are financially not good and also u don’t have campus placement??for this case drop a year at home, go to NPTEL sites and start studying the core subject. For EE students i m providing u NPTEL HANDWRITTEN NOTES in my blog which u can download it and start preparing from home only. These all are for fresher. Also u can take the help from our youtube channel which includes nptel videos and lecture made by me. I have delivered the Network Theory Lecture which is strictly related to GATE syllabus. So go through that and learn network theory at free of cost.
    what will do if your rank is below 3000(means u cracked)and financial status is good???.. then also drop a year and prepare with full dedication, as u have already cracked the exam means ur basic concept is clear. Only u lag in your practice. Thats why i wont prefer u to join any coaching.So practice as much as u can and try to give best shot next year. For doubt solving we have one Facebook Group (Learn GATE Free). Join this group and ask any problem related to EE/EC/IN.
    If you want to go for higher studies then prefer only IIT’s and higher NIT’s. you will have a better scope in teaching profession only. For job, don’t prefer M.Tech.
  2. (M.Tech/PSU/Dropper)
    Now if u are a dropper means u already drop a year from any coaching institute still not get good rank (means u are in the range of 1000-3000)then don’t drop one more year. Try to fill other competitive exam form and settle quickly or join M.Tech course from NIT’s and prepare from there.U know why i am telling you not to drop one more year because conceptually u are good enough after studying one year and also you did well but the problem is other students did better than you that’s why you lag this time which is not in your control. so what is the guarantee that next year other students will not run faster than you. you can’t control the speed of other students. However dropping 2-3 years does not reflect bad in psu if u will get below 300 (general) but what happen if you won’t get in to PSU then 3 yrs drop matters for other private job..they will not hire you.Rest choice is yours.

I hope you guys understand very well what to do. I have given all the information. Rest choice is yours. For any query you can comment below.Gud luck.



  1. Ajit says:

    Sir, I am 2015 passout . In GATE17 ccmt got NIT JAMSHEDPUR. I am also fresher and age 25(obc). Do I join Mtech or an average paying job. Confused.

  2. Ankit Tiwari says:

    Hello Sir,
    Right now i am in third year of engineering, I took a drop after 12th std of one year. I want ask that, Do psu have any such criteria like do they recruit droppers like me.

  3. zahid35 says:

    Sir , 15 passout then prepared for Gate 16 didn’t qualify, joined oil company in Gulf for a year , wasn’t satisfied with job so came back and preparing for Gate 2018 . Is it a right decision or I should join any TCS company plz suggest which way is best??? Also to note already coached from Made easy … need some way to go

  4. I hv passed in 2013 in EEE branch.den I did job in a private company. for 2years iam preparing gate 2018 but my precentage lower than 60 is it chances psus or mtech plse reply sir

  5. Allen sam says:

    Sir I have applied for gate 2017 but I didn’t planned to appear in 2018 .how much do I need to get (AIR) into PSU??

  6. Krishanu baruah says:

    hello sir, i am 2016 passout i got placment from college in a private company i did’nt join, instead i decided to prepare for government jobs, at that time i was not thinking about GATE but now in january 2017 i have decided to prepare for GATE 2018 i dont want to join any coaching institute, i am from ECE nd started Signals nd system video lesson of Prof Sc dutta roy and for networks i m following your lecture. I just want to ask you is it a huge risk for me by dropping 1 year?? or should i go for private jobs?
    PS: I dont want to do just aimimg for PSU

    • if ur dream is psu then its better to take drop and prepare…now here comes how to depends on financial status and u have already red my article psu mtech or drop..which one to choose…so better to or 2 yr will not reflect bad..and be self motivated if u are preparing from home..for doubt solving u can join our facebook group…all the best..

  7. phani says:

    Sir, I am 2014 passout, after B.Tech ece from past 2 years i am working in core company. Upto now i have written gate in only one time at that time , i couldn’t crack it. I am planning for 2018 gate for PSU’s not for M.Tech. what is the general age limit for PSU. can u suggest , how to prepare for ahead of one year without leaving the job.

  8. Naresh says:

    Sir iam a gate aspirant for electronics and communication , the network theory videos, analog electronics, control systems are found to be very useful. Thank you very much sir . I would like to know if any other videos in electronics stream videos have been made by you or else any other references or book for electronics and communications

  9. Satyajit Padhiary says:

    I hv passed in 2010 in EEE branch.den I did job in a private company.My job satisfaction was not upto dat mark.I is think there is no career growth.i m nw 29 years old.l hv also the family burden.Bt my aim is to crack psu through Gate 2017 or pursue in any iit or nit.Am I going in right direction or not.plz guide me

  10. sir i’m ECE student 2016 passout , i secured 4494 rank in GATE 2016 which is nt a gud 1 !! due 2 frustation i ‘ve stated my preperation again just before 5 days .. is der any chance of under 200 rank ?? n plz ‘ll u also suggest me which buks i’ve 2 solve 4r practising questions of each subject…

    • yes ofcourse u can get under 200 rank.its all depends on the preparation and time management. u can refer any coaching material and kanodia for solving numerical..for doubt solving we have on facebook group in which u can post ur query…for detail u can join me on fb..all the best..

  11. hardik says:

    2015 passout…dropped one year GATE 2016 AIR-3500 …financial condition not good also dont have environment of study at home…didnt applied in any iit nd nit bcz of fees…have two option join teaching in private engg college or do mtech in reputed state university….also tell d strategy to prepare…do jst ques or read books also….

    • as u said ur financial condition is not good then dont go for mtech from private college..u will be at same level as btech…instead of this..u can join teaching in private engineering college and prepare side by side for gate and ies…for strategy as u will do teaching then 4 subject will get revised as a lecturer only..after that give tym for other subject at home..thats the advantage of going in teaching profession..all the best..

  12. RAJAT SINHA says:

    Sir….I am a pass out of 2015 batch and got a campus placmnt in a private sector and since my financial condition is not good so joined the company and prepare there and got 1079 rank in gate 2016 applied for all the IITs but didn’t got any?? So now I decided to take a drop as my aim is to clear IES so going made easy…help me out with this sir…I am doing the right thing???going for coaching is good option or not sir….pls suggest me something

  13. fahim says:

    sir i have crack gate 2016 i am fresher i get 36 marks in gate without coaching air is 7522 my financial back ground is good but i did not leave my town in my past if it is good for me that go to hyderabad and join ace?if students can manage time well there ?

  14. Deepak says:

    I m 2014 pass out, don’t go for any coaching till now…….Also fresher. …not even clear gate.
    What to do???

  15. neha heer says:

    what’s about those who dropped a year but didn’t got good marks or didn’t qualified?
    seriously m very confused

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