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EE Standard Books for GATE

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Download the pdf file of Standard books for Electrical Engineering Course.

  1. Control System
    Control System by I.J.Nagrath

    Control system by Schaum’s Outline
    Control System by Kuo
  2. Digital Electronics
    Digital Electronics by Morris Mano
  3. Analog Circuit
    Electronic Devices by Boylestad
  4. Machine
    Machine by D.P.Kothari
    Machine by Chapman
  5. Measurement
    Measurement by A.K.Sawhney
  6. Network
    Network by Boylsted
    Network by Hayt & Kimmerly
  7. Power Electronics
    Power Electronics by M.H.Rashid
    Power Electronics by Ned Mohan
  8. Power System
    Power System by William D Stevenson

    Power System by C.L.Wadhwa
    Power System Analysis by D.P.Kothari

  9. Signal & System
    Signal & System by Schaum’s Outline
    Signal & System by Oppenheim


  1. Vishakha says:

    Thank you so much for your great efforts sir..If possible plz upload the books for ECE subjects too..

  2. Shiva Kumar Balla says:

    An young and dynamic Teacher I have seen till so far…. Where do you get this much of energy….sir ji. A very big hug and thank sir..

  3. HARESH says:

    awsome sir nice work

  4. manrag says:

    u r d ultimate bhai!
    not only u provided notes ,but books tooooo…
    hatsoff to u .
    god bless u.

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