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Analog Electronics(Prof.Razavi)


maxresdefault 7.31.27 PMThese Notes has been made by me after watching Prof. Behzad Razavi’s lectures who did various research in the world of electronics.You can download it topic wise.

Download notes,take a printout then watch this lecture and then go through these notes. No need to write anything, everything is written in notes.(Tips: On youtube make speed of video to 1.5 times. You can easily understand with this speed) It will save your time.
To get Video Lecture of Analog Electronics, Click here

                                         Analog Electronics

S.No.         Lecture No.                         Topic

  1.               1-2                Introduction to Semiconductor Physics
  2.               3-5                Introduction to PN Junction Diode
  3.               6                    Diode Models
  4.               7-8                Diode Circuit Analysis
  5.               9-12              Rectifier,Limiter,Doubler 

Lec No. 13-25 (Made By Shubham Shrivastava)

  1.               13                  BJT Structure & Operation 
  2.               14-15            BJT Characteristics & Biasing 
  3.               16-17            Large & Small Signal operation & Model
  4.               18-19            PNP Transistor & Amplifier Evolution
  5.               20-21            Common Emitter Stage & I/p o/p Impedance
  6.               22-23            CE Stage & Emitter Degeneration
  7.               24-25            Biasing Technique
  8.               26-45            Click here

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