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NPTEL Handwritten Notes


NPTEL logoThese Notes has been made by me after watching NPTEL lectures given by various Professor from different IIT’s and IISC. I have written only those Lectures which i found important and which are in the GATE Syllabus.

  1. Transformer
  2. DC Machines
  3. Induction Machine
  4. Power System
  5. Power Electronics
  6. Analog Electronics (Prof. Razavi) (not from nptel sites)




  1. deep nandi says:

    Sir can u give 20 to 30 questions regular basis the subject u completed in Ur lecture

  2. Shubham Nakhate says:

    Sir,how can I get complete solution of gate previous year paper?
    I see several websites but they are giving only answers of question not full solutions.

  3. ANIL KUMAR says:

    Sir Is there nptel notes for signals and systems ?

  4. ANIL KUMAR says:

    Sir Videos of network analysis are not there in YouTube check it once

  5. Ayush kumar yadav says:

    great sohail sir..:-)

  6. sachin says:

    great work sir……
    pls upload control system lecture , sir
    Thank u sir

  7. murari says:

    sir,please upload the book Electric Power System by Ashfaq Hussain

  8. Sadak Vali says:

    Great job sir…………I am preparing for GATE 2018. please upload lecture series on Digital electronics, Control Systems, Signals and systems, Synchronous machines, measurements, EMF…………Sir what will be the approximate release date?………………And IF you release maths it will be helpful for every GATE aspirant………Once again thank you sir

  9. Arup jyoti dutta says:

    Sir I m a cse student .can i prepare for it. Can i get cse lectures like the ee ones that u have mentioned

    • dear arup… as i m from EE so i can only give the lecture from EE and future if some CS guys will take step forward then definately the CS subject will also be uploaded..presently u can watch lecture given ravindra babu rahula ..its available on youtube..all the best

  10. Inchara S says:

    Hi Sohail,

    Please upload videos for other subjects as well.
    Need control system notes.
    which book need to refer to solve problems for Controls & Network

    • for network made easy material and previous yr prblm is sufficient..if time permits then solve kanodia…for control system videos u have to yr it will be in our channel

  11. prem sagar says:

    sir i am final year student from ee department. And i am double dropper from 12th .and iam preparing for the gate,is it possible from now to score 30 to 40 marks in gate exam…please suggest sir….and i am a average students.

    • yes u can get above 50 marks also…always put urself at high order to understand how to prepare and what should be the time management..go through EE article tab..there u will get the article that and prepare for gate…all the best..

  12. Rupal says:

    Sir good effort from yr side
    Sir can you plz provide notes or lecture based on digital , signal and system
    Its really great help
    Thank u sir

  13. abhishek kumar says:

    Sir ,I’m not getting PDF of network theory on the site
    Plz help

  14. bhawna kamra says:

    any electronics and communication engineering notes

  15. arun says:

    nice job bro! will u please provide notes on synchronous machine and induction machine which are in gate syllabus.

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