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DC Machines


NPTEL logoDC Machine are the electromechanical energy conversion devices which converts either DC power to mechanical power or mechanical power to DC power.These Notes has been made by me after watching NPTEL lectures given by Dr. Debaprasad Kastha from IIT Kharagpur.You can download it topic wise.

Download notes,take a printout then watch NPTEL lecture and then go through these notes. No need to write anything, everything is written in notes. It will save your time.
To get Video Lecture of DC Machine, Click here

                                         DC Machine(Lec. No 21-34)

S.No.         Lecture No.                         Topic

  1.               21                  Operating Principles of DC Machines
  2.               22                  Constructional Features of DC Machines
  3.               23                  Generated EMF & Torque in DC Machine
  4.               24                  Armature Reaction
  5.               25                  Commutation in DC Machine
  6.               26                  Separately excited DC Generator
  7.               27                  DC Shunt Generator
  8.               28                  Compound DC Generator
  9.               29                  Interconnected DC Generator
  10.               30                  DC Shunt Motor Characteristics
  11.               31                  Starting of DC Shunt Motor
  12.               32                  DC Motor Speed control
  13.               33                  Braking of DC Shunt Motor
  14.               34                  Electronic Control of DC Shunt Motor

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    First of all thank you so much for your lectures. It is very useful for gate and PSU exams. Is this lectures enough for genco and discom..? And I’m not able to download notes which you hv given link.


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    nice job budd… sir i need notes related to transformer and transmission and distribution.. where do i get these notes.

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