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Power Electronics


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These Notes has been made by me after watching NPTEL lectures given by Prof. B.G. Fernandes  from IIT Bombay.You can download it topic wise. 

Download notes,take a printout then watch NPTEL lecture and then go through these notes. No need to write anything, everything is written in notes. It will save your time.
To get Video Lecture of Power Electronics, Click here

Power Electronics (Lec. No 01-22)

 S.No.         Lecture No.                         Topic

  1.               01-03                    Introduction to Power Electronics
  2.               04-06                    Diode,SCR,Triac,GTO
  3.               07-09                    BJT,MOSFET 
  4.               10-15                   1 Ph. Rectifier,Dual Converter
  5.               16-19                   3 Ph. Rectifier,HVDC,PWM
  6.               20-22                   Boost Converter 
  7.               23-24                   Buck Converter

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  1. kowsi says:

    where i download the vedios or pdf ……..

  2. Abhinaw kapoor says:

    sir,give me some tips how to study electrical machine.which topic should i pick first?

    • DC machine: emf equation, speed control of dc machine,power flow
      Transformer: equivalent circuit,voltage regulation,efficiency
      induction : power flow,torque speed characteristics,concept of slip, speed control
      synchronous: power equation,power flow,emf equation,salient pole machine power equation and emf equation.
      this much is important in machine..for detail u can join our facebook group for query
      link :

  3. Sudeep Paul says:

    Sir the pdfs cannot be downladed.It says NOT VALID PDF DOCUMENT

  4. subhani says:

    I need Network theory and control systems

  5. madhu sudhana reddy says:

    NPTEL Handwritten Notes of synchronous machines and circuits please upload sir

  6. NEIL says:

    You are doing an awsome work. Thank you..

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