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Transformer are the static electrical device which transmit the power at different voltage level at same frequency.These Notes has been made by me after watching NPTEL lectures given by Dr. Debaprasad Kastha from IIT Kharagpur.You can download it topic wise.

Download notes,take a printout then watch NPTEL lecture and then go through these notes. No need to write anything, everything is written in notes. It will save your time.
To get Video Lecture of Transformer, Click here

                                         Transformer(Lec. No 01-19)

S.No.         Lecture No.                         Topic

  1.             01                                Introduction
  2.             02                               Operating Principle & Construction
  3.             03                               Modelling of 1 Ph. Xmer
  4.             04                               Equivalent Circuit of Xmer
  5.             05                               Testing of 1 Ph. Xmer
  6.             06                               Efficiency of 1 Ph. Xmer
  7.             07                               Voltage Regulation of Xmer
  8.             08                               Parallel Operation of Xmer
  9.             09                               Harmonics & Switching Transients
  10.             10-11                          Intro. & Construction of 3 Ph. Xmer
  11.             12                                3 Ph. Transformer Connection
  12.             13                                Phase Group-1 Xmer Connection
  13.             14                                Phase Group-2 Xmer Connection
  14.             15                                Analysis & Testing of 3 Ph. Xmer
  15.             16                                Operation of 3 Ph. Xmer
  16.             17                                AutoTransformer

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  1. Aditya says:

    Please sir complete inverter video lecture in power electronics subject .

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    I am in 2 yr EE right now which book is imp I want to prepare from start of season

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    please sir add measurement notes

  4. Kullayappa says:

    Ur helping so much to poor by this.. allah bless u… need control systems, electrical & electronic measurements notes and videos also.. notify me…

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    I m able to download these documents..thanx for this noble work..

  6. raghu says:

    these files are not opening..can you assist me with how to open these document..

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